Efma network

Efma's policy-making body is the board of directors, formed by some 25 to 30 members, each elected for a term of three years, renewable once, and representing an institution belonging to the association. The members of the board are institutions, which delegate executives as their representatives.

Efma members

Efma's direct relations with the financial institutions that make up its membership are based on a network of contacts, composed of people holding positions of responsibility within each member institution. In most cases they are business line managers (distribution, products, market, marketing, risk, etc.) or people reporting directly to them. These close contacts within each member institution form a network that shapes and nurtures the Association's activities, while serving as a focal point for the distribution of the Association's services.

The speakers who have addressed an Efma event and the authors who have contributed to the magazine are an active part of the community of people close to Efma.